The Thought Patterns Sabotaging your Wellness Goals

Our minds can be our most powerful tool, however when we are not using them the right way, watch out! If we aren’t intentional about our ways of thinking, our thoughts have this unique ability to completely derail our all wellness goals. Not only the thoughts themselves, but the thoughts patterns that we subconsciously find ourselves in. If you are feeling stuck on your wellness journey and are giving up hope that you will be able to achieve your wellness goals, it might be time to assess your thoughts and thought patterns that might be causing this.

There are many thought patterns that may be sabotaging your wellness journey subconsciously, here are some of the more common ones and some strategies to manage it:

Assuming the worst. We often think the journey to achieving our wellness goals has to be a difficult one, often downright impossible. Yes, we are going to have to make difficult decisions and yes, we will have to get out of our comfort zone to see changes, but the process does not have to be miserable. This assumption can be very discouraging and prevent you from even taking a single step in the right direction out of dread. Also, if we assume the journey is going to be hard and full of setbacks and challenges, we are going to manifest that to fruition.

  • Visualize yourself along your journey, making the lifestyle changes you are hoping to make with ease. Visualize yourself achieving the goals you set in an effortless manner and focus on all the positives outcomes you have achieved because of it.

Discounting the Positive. We often don’t acknowledge the good choices we are making or the progress we are achieving. We have a tendency to ignore what’s working out on our journey and instead dwell on the aspects that aren’t. We overvalue the “negative” things and undervalue the “positive” ones.

  • Celebrate one win, big or small, every day and when you find yourself focusing on the negative, try to find the positive in that situation. For instance, maybe you went out with a friend and indulged a little more than you planned, instead of focusing on that decision, acknowledge how the get together was exactly what you needed and left you feeling vibrant and whole again.

Comparing yourself to others. We often find ourselves comparing our situation to other people's situations. The challenge is we usually aren’t comparing apples to apples, as we are comparing ourselves to people who are at different stages of their journey or are dealing with different factors that we aren’t taking into consideration. It can be very discouraging if we are perceiving those around us as progressing quicker or further than we are.

  • When you find yourself comparing yourself to others, remind yourself that everyone has a unique journey and that is the beauty of life. Instead of comparing yourself to others, compare yourself to yourself 3, 6 or 12 months previously. Focus on all the changes and growth you have achieved to become the person you are now.

Using all or nothing thinking. When we see our journey in a black or white manner, you perceive everything in extremes. Either everything is working out perfectly or it's a total disaster, and nothing in between. With this type of thinking, when you have a small slip you can take on self-sabotaging tendencies to completely derail your journey. A lot of people also face this when it comes to food, as soon as you slightly stray from how you were hoping to eat, you slip into this pattern of over indulging weeks on end instead of accepting the slip as it is and trying to make a better decision at your next meal.

  • When you find yourself in this “black or white” thinking, reflect on whether an alternative scenario between these two extreme options is possible and be aware of self sabotaging patterns that you might fall into.

I hope this helped you be more more aware of the thoughts that are keep you from reaching your goals and encourages you to adopt some more


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