Warning... Watch Out for These New Years Resolutions Pitfalls

This is honestly one of my favourite times of year. As the clock runs down on our current year, it provides an opportunity to reflect on the year that is coming to a close and envision what you want from the year to come. It’s the time when everyone is brimming with motivation, energy and often far too many resolutions.

I think this is especially true right now, as so many people are looking forward to closing the door on this unprecedented year (sorry, couldn’t help but call 2020 an “unprecedented” one last time, is it the official buzz word of 2020?). I don’t blame people for wanting to put 2020 behind them and invite in new energy and new growth into their life.

Sometimes all this inspiration and motivation can unintentionally get the best of us. Nothing can deflate us quicker than setting unrealistic resolutions, leaving us struggling for motivation two weeks in and all of our aspirations long gone after 6 weeks. We have all been there, and it's not your fault. We are simply so eager to grow and live the life we have always dreamed of, that sometimes we lose sight of reality a titch.

Don’t worry I am here to help guide you through the most common New Year resolution pitfalls and give you a step-by-step process to ensure your goals are attainable, achievable and bring you closer to the life you want to live.

So here are the most common New Year's resolution mistakes to be mindful of...

Your goals aren't aligned with the larger vision you have for your life. We often pick goals that we think are fun, or are ones that our friends and family are doing, or the traditional resolutions we feel obligated to pick.. But we often forget to reflect on whether these goals are going to bring us closer to the ideal vision we have for our life. I find this is the easiest way to narrow down what you want to focus on, if it’s helping you achieve the ideal vision you have for your life, great, if not, maybe it’s not a priority right now.

Your goals aren’t based on what you want to do. We often pick goals based on what we feel we “should” do or what others are doing, but if it’s not something you want to do, it’s not going to last. If you don’t have that internal motivation and drive, when things get bumpy in your journey, it will be hard to keep going.

Your goals aren’t sustainable. This is by far the biggest struggle people, myself included, experience when it comes to setting and sticking to goals. We want to be able to do it all and we truly feel we can do it all, but our goals aren’t always realistic. It is really important to narrow down to a few, small achievable goals, in order to get you to where you want to be in the long run. Often when we set these too lofty expectations for ourselves, our efforts get derailed quickly as we can’t keep up. In most cases, we would have been better off setting small goals that we could stick to. The biggest obstacles to setting sustainable goals are:

  • Setting too many goals at once.

  • Setting unrealistic timelines.

  • Not taking into account where you are starting from.

Your goals are focused on the outcome rather than being rooted in action. We often think of the outcome we want to achieve, like wanting to live a more mindful life, or wanting to lose 15 pounds, instead of the actions we need to take to achieve these outcomes. For most goals there are often many ways of achieving our desired outcomes, but because clear action steps are not associated with the goal, it is challenging to keep focused and make progress.

You aren’t giving yourself grace. It’s okay if we aren’t on it every single day, every week or even every month. We all have those ups and downs and that’s okay. In the end, you are still making progress and sometimes those breaks are what we need to re-prioritize and keep focused in the long run.

Are you guilty of any (or all) of these common pitfalls? I know I have certainly fallen victim to all of these in the past. This all changed when I created a system to help guide me through creating goals that are both meaningful and achievable.

If you are looking for guidance to do the same, I have created a free 5-day challenge that takes you through the process of reflecting on the past year, envisioning your year to come and creating goals to get you there. In the challenge you will get daily emails with activities that build on one another, along with the necessary worksheets to help guide you through the process and some quotes to keep you brimming with inspiration. Also, at any point in the 5-day challenge, I am here to work with you directly if you would like additional support creating goals that work for you.

If you are ready to set yourself up for growth in 2021, join the challenge by sending an email with "Blooming in 2021" in the message portion and get ready for our start the journey together on January 4th!