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The Thoughts That Are Stopping You From Achieving Your Health Goals

Are your thoughts unintentionally preventing you from feeling great and achieving your health goals? If you aren’t being mindful of your thoughts surrounding your health and your goals, chances are yes.

We all have limiting beliefs and they impact all aspects of our life, not just our health. They are very common when we think about careers, finances or relationships. They are false beliefs or perceptions about our identity or reality and they create limitations and boundaries around what we feel is possible.

For example, have these thoughts crossed your mind?

“It’s going to be way too hard to make these changes”.

“I don’t have the willpower to stick to my goals”

“There’s no point in trying to make changes, they aren’t going to last”

“There’s no point, I've tried everything and nothing works”

“I am always going to feel like this”

It’s okay if these thoughts sound familiar to you, limiting beliefs are normal and needed in some circumstances. However, when they need to be addressed if they are getting between your and your goals.

When we carry these self defeating or overly critical thoughts they are keeping us stuck. These thoughts evoke certain emotions which will ultimately determine our actions. So if your thoughts about prioritizing our wellness are focused on it being challenging or pointless, we are likely not going to take the necessary steps on our wellness journey.

The good thing is we can challenge the limiting beliefs and reframe them to boost our motivation and confidence to achieve our wellness goals. Our mind is an incredibly powerful tool, we might as well use it in a positive manner.

To re-frame our limiting beliefs around our health and wellness we need to:

Identify your limiting beliefs. Get curious about your subconscious thoughts or perceptions you have about your health and wellbeing. It can be challenging to identify on your own, you can ask a family member or friend about what types of perceptions, objections or excuses they have heard you mention with regards to your health.

Reflect on these limiting beliefs. Once you have identified the beliefs, reflect on whether they are true or not and what proof you have of them. being true. You can also try to identify where these thoughts are coming from (hint hint, they are often based on early childhood experiences). This is often deeper, more challenging work that might be best addressed with a therapist.

Reframe these limiting beliefs. When these thoughts come up it is important to re-phrase them from a more optimistic, positive outlook. By continuing to repeat these positive thoughts and affirmations you are building new neural pathways to which will lead to new thoughts then new emotions and ultimately new actions. It is important that you truly believe these positive affirmations, so as you say them visualize acting out your goals or achieving your desired outcome.

If you need support identifying common limiting beliefs or reframing them, check out the list below.

Try these steps out and share some of the limiting beliefs you had and how you chose to re-frame them.

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