Simple Practises to Help Your Body Get Rid of Toxins

It’s hard to escape the detox discussions this time of year. I love that people want to make sure their body is detoxifying effectively and want to get rid of any toxins or other unwanted material that builds up. I also feel we can benefit from adding in little practises into our days or weeks that can help use better detoxify year round. The best part is you can forgo the buying a bunch of magic detox supplements and cleansing teas and following strict detox protocols.

There are a lot of simple things we can do to better support detoxification in our body. Strategies focus on supporting our detoxification and elimination organs like our liver, kidneys, colon and making sure they working ideally. In the last blog, we took a look at the foods that naturally enhance the functioning of these organs and therefore help your body detoxify more efficiently. This blog will focus on the small practises you can add to your routines to help flush the toxins from your body and support these detoxification organs. Some simple strategies to tackle these tricky toxins include:

Cover yourself in Caster Oil. The detoxifying power of caster oil has been known for centuries. Simply rub caster oil on midsection over your liver, cover it with a cotton cloth and let it work its magic for 30-60 minutes. Many people choose to keep the caster oil on overnight, just make sure it’s well wrap in the cloth so you don’t get oil marks across your sheets. Got best results, you want to do it regularly, some people do it daily. The understanding of how caster oil works is still being researched, but people find that the healing benefits come from turning off your stress state to turning on your rest and digest state. This helps with relaxing your bowels so you can go the washroom, improving your gut health and function by supporting a more balanced gut microbiome, improved liver function through an increase in glutathione (a binder that attaches to toxins and escorts them out of your body), increased movement of the lymph fluid which drains the body of toxins and reduced inflammation and pain. With all these benefits, it’s not surprii Ising it helps to reset you digestion and detoxification pathways.

Discover Dry Brushing. This is such a simple practise to add to your pre-shower routine, to really support the draining of toxins from your body. You simply take a dry brush and brush your skin in a specific manner. You want to brush in a way that you are pulling the brush towards your chest. Most people start with their toes and brush upwards along their legs and abdomen before moving to there arms where they brush towards their body. Long brush strokes are ideal and brush each area several times before moving in to the next section. The whole process can be done in a few minutes. This practise helps stimulate the lymphatic system and circulate the lymph fluid in your body. This is important because the lymphatic system collects all of the toxins and other unwanted material to be dealt with and disposed of. It is also a great exfoliant for your skin.

Get Your Sweat On. We often don’t think of our skins as our detoxification organ, however we release toxins through our sweat. Try to get your sweat on at least 3-4 times a week, whether it be through exercise, sauna, eat spicy foods or some other sweat inducing activities.

Practise Better Breathing. Another surprising way our toxins get out of our system is through our breath. Incorporate deep breathing exercise throughout your day, focusing on having longer exhales to release all the stale and trapped air from our lungs.

Tackle the Toxins. The best way to support detoxification in your body is give it a well deserved break, by eliminating your toxin exposure. You can do this by drinking filtered water, eating organic when you can, opting for more natural cleaning products, being more mindful of what’s in your hygiene and personal products. My favourite app for figuring out the toxic load in a product is the Environmental Working Group’s Think Dirty. You simply search their database for the product you are looking for, check out how they scored the product with 0 being as safe as you can get and 10 being total toxic territory. If you find out products have a higher toxic load than you were hoping for, you can find comparable products that contain fewer chemicals.

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