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Falling into Autumn...Lifestyle Changes to Embrace this Fall

I am so excited that it’s officially Fall, and not for the pumpkin-spiced-everything. There is something about the crispness in the air and the fall colours that is just so magical. It urges me to slow down, connect to by surrounding and recharge. 

Do you feel this as well? It is natural for us to take cues from our changing environment and reflect it in the way we live.

Do you embrace this idea of seasonal living? I know that may sound like a bit much, but it is us simply modifying what we do in relation to the seasons. 

I have already seen the change for me. I am no longer craving the light, fresh salads and meals of the summer. Now I am all about hearty meals with all the root vegetables and beans. 

And my sleeping habits have naturally adjusted as well. In the summer, I would wake up at 6:20am like clockwork and would bound out of bed because I was energized by the sun streaming in the window. Now I find I am craving more sleep, heading to bed sooner and struggling to pry myself out of bed at 7:00am because it seems so forbidden to get out of when it’s still dark outside.  

From an evolutionary standpoint, it makes sense that humans respond to the changes of seasons. Our ancestors had no choice but to change their eating habits with the seasons because they could only eat what was available. Similarly, they had no choice but to plan their days around sunlight. If the sun started setting sooner, that meant sooner to bed and if didn’t rise until later that meant an automatic sleep in.

With the change in seasons, it’s time to trade in the busy, long days of the summer where everything is go, go, go for quieter, shorter days, where things are more slow, slow, slow. With this slow down, it also makes for a great time to turn our attention inwards and focus on some personal reflection and introspection. 

Doesn’t this change of pace sound so incredible and much needed at this point? Most people are ready for some R&R after a full on summer. 

Try these tips to help you embrace the fall and all the changes that come with it:

Let your schedule be guided by sunlight. If the sun is up, that’s your time to up and at’ em. If it's not, then it’s time to recharge. It helps to align the lighting in your space to what is going on outside, dimming lights and avoiding lights from electronics when it’s dark outside.  

Get more rest. Use the colder weather and shorter day as an excuse to cozy up and relax more. 

Try more gentle movement. Take a break from fast-paced, high energy movement and shift towards more restorative forms of exercise. This time every year I always feel less motivated to run and feel a calling to get out and hike.  Not only does this allow me to slow down, but also a great way to enjoy the fall colours. 

Try self-care practices that help you connect with your thoughts and emotions. Since we are prone to be more reflective at this time, it might be a good time to open up that journal again, get back on track with meditation or indulge in art therapy. 

Eat seasonal (and local) produce. Fall brings an abundance of fruits and vegetables, so why not enjoy them. If possible, choose local farmers and growers. This not only supports local, but also has the added benefits of being fresher, which means tastier and more nutrient dense. It’s also better for the environment because less emissions are produced since the food didn't travel halfway across the world before it got to your plate.

Vegetables  Fruits

Beets Grapes

Eggplant Peaches

Squash Plums

Turnips Pears

Carrots Apples





Sweet Potatoes



Some other fun tips to get you into the fall spirit 

  1. Get out in nature and witness the beautiful changes in your surroundings. 

  2. Take part in a little colour therapy by embracing the goldens, oranges and reds of the seasons in your wardrobe and decor.

  3. Add in some aromatherapy by using some quintessential fall scents. Why not try blends with cinnamon, clove (or best of both worlds…thieves) or cedarwood essential oils.

So embrace the change of seasons and all that comes with it. Honour the natural rhythms in our environment and live in alignment with nature, rather than resisting. 

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