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Celebrating 50 Blog Posts With The Top 10 Posts

50 blog posts! I am seriously a little surprised we made it here. When I first started the blog, I dreaded it to be honest. I never knew what to write about, it took me forever to write a post and I was not consistently releasing them. Now, I truly enjoy it. I find so much inspiration in my own life and the lives of my clients that I always have a ton of ideas to write on, I love doing deep dives into the research for each post and I can proudly say I release posts on a weekly basis. PlusI really find they are helpful tools to share with clients when they are struggling with something in particular.

To celebrate the journey I have been on with the blog over the past year or so, I wanted to share the top ten blog posts with you. I guarantee you will find something that peaks your interest as they cover a variety of wellness topics, ranging from helpful tips to improve your nutrition, sleep and movement to information on how to master your mindset and stick to your wellness goals.

Enjoy the countdown:

10. Dealing With Busy Times

9. Surprising Techniques to Turn Off Your Stress Response

8. Resetting Your Sleep Schedule

7. Switching Off Your Stress Response and Switching On Your Digestion

6. Self Care or Self Soothing...Which One Are You Doing?

5. Warning...Watch Out For These New Years Resolution Pitfalls

4. Using Positive Affirmations to Actually Achieve Your Wellness Goals

3. Finding the Best Diet for You

2. Struggling with our Sleep...Here’s Why

1. Stress Recovery 101

I also wanted to share 5 underrated blog posts (..but I may be biased though):

1. Reframing Your Relationship With Exercise Using a Movement Menu

2. Ditching your Distracted Mind

3. Resetting Your Stress Response With Your Breath

4. Intermittent Fasting Might Not Be For You... But What About Circadian Eating?

5. Protecting Your Time, Energy and Priorities

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